No one has ever become poor by giving.Because you can.

Give emotionally, mentally, physically.

Even when  you don’t think you can, be that person.  Be the abundant person, the one that has stuff to give.

Because you can’t give something you don’t have–so give, give, give.   See how that works?  Build up those reserves.

Life is short and revenge is heavy.  Give in. Give anyway.

Show the others the way . On this path, everything old is new and you’ll like the view better.

You can give and still be yourself. In fact, you will be more yourself than ever.  You’ll sleep better.  You’ll relax.  You’ll tune in to more of the good stuff.

Be generous with your self.  People want what you have to give.  They’re all around you–waiting for you to show up, to show them the way.

And don’t you know?  It comes back around.

When you’re giving, you’re open.  Open heart, mind, and yes–hands.  It allows someone else to give too.  Give others the pleasure of giving.

Be generous and give from your heart.






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