Hi there you sweet person.

I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately.  I’ve always been sensitive to people’s struggles and how they impact me–I have a physical reaction to others when they struggle.  I just automatically cringe when I see a frail old person–It touches something deep inside of me.  I try to be helpful when I can, but I understand that strife is often just a part of living.

Be Kind

That got me thinking: how can I be more tender and kind to people in my life?

Not just the gas station attendant or the bank teller, but my best friend, my sister, my lover.  The ones that I brush up against everyday, the ones that can often rub me the wrong way.  How am I tender in times of annoyance? This is what I realized I must do:

1) Give it to myself first.  I HAVE to be kind to myself before I can extend that to anyone else.  That inner voice yelling at me for eating that piece of cake?  That’s not kind.  Finding a way to be gentle with myself makes it a lot easier to extend that courtesy to others

2) Walk in someone else’s shoes. I think about the last horrible day I had.  Then when I see people struggling, I just imagine that’s how they are feeling.  They may be having a horrible day of their own.  It’s a lot easier to lend them a helping hand through that lens because I know how they feel.  That empathy leads me to be more kind.

3)Make it easy to do.  Kindness doesn’t have to be giving someone half of my lottery winnings (although that would be very nice). It’s more of a willing smile.  A pleasant hello.  A door held open.  This unexpected simple stuff is what makes people’s day. And it has it’s own rewards!

It feels like being kind is a necessary quality to cultivate, especially as an adult.  I mean it’s pretty easy for me to resort to the grounding habits I know when the shit hits the fan; crisis makes it easy to be kind.  But what about the everyday pleasantries?

work hard and be kind

Who you are is what you do on an everyday basis.

That’s how habits are formed, slow and steady.  It’s what you do everyday that counts and builds character.  You know that sexiness, that edge that we all have?  That’s the sprint.  Kindness is the marathon.


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